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Full Version: Extra Sparring at the Huvudsta Winter Site (outdoors) - 2014-10-14
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Starts: 2014-10-14 07:00 PM
Ends: 1970-01-01 01:00 AM

Extra Sparring at the Huvudsta Winter Site (outdoors)

Please come and join Ivan and me for some extra sparring at our Winter Season Outdoors Longsword Brandishing Site (WSOLBS) in Huvudsta.
For information about where that is, use the following map link:

For this event, please observe the following:
• Every club member or friends of such are invited.
• This event has no scheduled instructors. It is intended to accomodate a need for extra sparring.
• If you want to spar, please bring the equipment to do so.
• No loan gear will be provided by the club. Please ensure to have the gear You need on hand. Saying that You need to borrow may not be enough.
• Unless You want to participate in the sparring You may practice at judging bouts or simply watch the sparring as entertainment.
• We won’t have access to running water or dressing rooms at this training site.
• This site has lighting and is fenced.

We hope to see many of you there.

Best wishes and stuff,
Jens (073-0212703) and Ivan

I intend to spar, eller vad man ska säga.
Försök hålla mig bort! Vi ses!
Jag kommer och kollar lite om jobbet tillåter.

I'll come and watch if the dayjob allows for it.
Jens, jag lär behöva låna din gambeson, om det passar. Glöm ej heller inte din gorget!
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