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Full Version: Extra Sparring at the Huvudsta Winter Site (outdoors) - 2014-12-16
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Starts: 2014-12-16 07:00 PM
Ends: 2014-12-16 09:00 PM

Extra Sparring at the Huvudsta Winter Site (outdoors) - 2014-12-16

Please come for some extra sparring at our Winter Season Outdoors Longsword Brandishing Site (WSOLBS) in Huvudsta.
For information about where that is, use the following map link:

For this event, please observe the following:
• Every club member or friends of such are invited.
• This event has no scheduled instructors. It is intended to accomodate a need for extra sparring.
• If you want to spar, please bring the equipment to do so.
• No loan gear will be provided by the club. Please ensure to have the gear You need on hand. Saying that You need to borrow may not be enough.
• Unless You want to participate in the sparring You may practice at judging bouts or simply watch the sparring as entertainment.
• We won’t have access to running water or dressing rooms at this training site.
• This site has lighting and is fenced.

I hope to see many of you there.

Best wishes,
I'll meet you there tomorrow!
Also, I will not be bringing the camera tomorrow, maybe for photography, but I don't have a stand for filming.
Hej, blir vi några fler än tre?

Mvh Patrik
Rätt säker på att Ivan kommer.
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