Stockholmspolisens Idrottsförening Fäktning (SPIFF)

Full Version: Träning - 2015-03-11
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Starts: 2015-03-11 06:00 PM
Ends: 2015-03-11 08:00 PM



Träning och sparring i Bergshamraskolans gymnastiksal
En karta till gymnastiksalen är tillgänglig via följande länk Karta.

Det finns en THANKYOU-knapp under detta inlägg.
Klicka där för att ange att du kommer att delta.

Om du behöver låna ett svärd,
berätta det här.



Training and sparring in the Bergshamra School Gymnasium
A map to the gymnasium is available through the following link Map.

There is a THANKYOU-button below this post.
Click it to indicate that you will attend.

If you need a sword,
ask it under here.
Unfortunately we will not have any sword from the Club,
if you want to come and need a sword,
make sure to ask someone who has more than one,
but keep in mind that it is up to them to decide ti give one of their sword away,
and that some of us will not do it.

Problem solved!

5 swords as usual will be available!

One feder for me please!
I'd like one fether please
I will attend and need to borrow a sword if possible
Maybe I should write that I will ofc also need a sword.
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