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SPIFF Foodfight - 2016-07-02
2016-06-07, 11:00 PM (This post was last modified: 2016-06-07 11:03 PM by Jelers.)
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SPIFF Foodfight - 2016-07-02
Date: 2016-07-02

SPIFF Foodfight

Starts: 10-ish
Ends: 14-15-ish

Hello, members of the club. We're a few people planning to host a tournament (With barbecue lunch!) in the beginning of July, and we're aspiring to get as many participants as possible, from both rapier and longsword. We're hosting the foodfight to further strengthen the great friendship that exists within our club. It's gonna be a nice day of fun and relaxed fencing. And also, there's a rumour we might have a workshop/lesson in judging, hosted by Kristofer Stanson himself.

The tournament will be held near the training location in Huvudsta, a more detailed map will be posted soon.

Rules of the tournament will be based on current modern tournaments around Europe, but the rules will be set in stone once registrations have closed. As said we intend to host for both longsword and rapier. For longsword you will of course need the heavy protection. Plate details are allowed, but helmets are not, as they pose a threat to eye and face.

For rapier, the lighter protection will suffice, and if enough participate, I am sure we can convince the trainers to bring loaning gear.

Underneath is a short registration form, just so we can know for sure how many will show up. If you intend to come, no matter what you do there, you should fill in the form. And please note that if you register as a tournament participant, it is BINDING and you must notify the board of an eventual withdrawal.

ATTN: Note that the form and registrations will close on monday the 20th of June.

Have a good week and happy fencing, and hopefully we will see you in Huvudsta!
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